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Dog & Puppy training classes - Saturday afternoons

A trained dog is a happy dog. And remember, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Our instructors, who are qualified and experienced, will be available to advise you on any problems with which you may need help.  They will also show you the correct use of equipment and introduce you to very basic commands before you begin training classes. Puppies, pet dogs, rescue dogs and difficult dogs - all are welcome!

Housekeeping: We ask that all dogs are properly walked and ‘emptied’ before attending classes. Any ‘accidents’ either inside the Bowls Club, in the car park or footpath, must be cleared up by the owner. If your dog does have an accident in the Bowls Club, please don’t worry, allow it to do so. One small pile or puddle is a lot easier to clear up than a long line heading to the gate! Please ensure that you always have poo bags.

Training tips

Always make training short and enjoyable; daily five to ten minute sessions are better than half an hour once a week.

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